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Some examples of projects with contribution of Next Step Management. 

Project 1

System based supervision Noord-Brabant

Next Step Management supports the Provincie Noord-Brabant with the design and implementation of system based supervision. This project is based on voluntary participation of industrial companies. In 2010 the Provincie has won the trophee for the most innovative enforcement project in the Netherlands.  

Project 2

Meta regulation

Health care inspectorate

The Health Care Inspectorate assesses the possibilities of meta regulation and uses experiences in other domains for this purpose. We assist in the development of the instruments and a method including a pilot at six care organisations.  

Project 3
Supervision on governance
Authority for housing corporations

Governance is central in the supervision policy of the Dutch Authority for housing corporations. We have assisted the Authority to set up a governance assessment framework and we have trained the staff with regard to effective implementation.  

Project 4
Research private compliance assurance and certification

The Rotterdam School of Management explores the possibilities of compliance assurance by private parties on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works and Environment.

Main questions are the extent to which private assurance can be an alternative for public enforcement and how the environmental legislation can be adjusted to support this alternative.  

Next Step Management did a study about how public regulators can use private certification. 

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